Star-Metal Manufacturing entered into the mechanical assembly services and electro mechanical assembly business more than 30 years ago in response to their customers’ changing requirements.


As customers began to evolve away from a vertically integrated business model—including mechanical assembly services and electro mechanical metal assembly services—there was an increased emphasis on suppliers assuming more of that responsibility. This freed up customers’ resources to focus on their core competencies: the development and marketing of their products.


Seeing an opportunity to expand its offerings and provide greater value to their customers, Star-Metal Manufacturing developed mechanical and electro mechanical metal assembly capabilities. Over the years, simple drill-and-tap operations were expanded to meet a wide variety of customer requirements, and today the company operates a fully integrated mechanical and electro mechanical metal assembly department.


Our full range of standard assembly equipment includes:

  • PEM setters and riveting machines
  • Drill presses and automated tapping heads
  • Spot welders
  • Pneumatic hand tools

In addition to this metal assembly equipment, our experienced toolmakers in the tool and die department will build custom, dedicated automated assembly equipment to fit your particular metal assembly requirements.

In addition to mechanical assembly services and electro mechanical metal assembly, Star-Metal Manufacturing will assume complete manufacturing responsibility for your product, including:

  • Component parts procurement
  • Finishing (painting, plating, powder coating, E-Coat)
  • Custom packaging
  • Direct shipment to customer or warehouse

Star-Metal Manufacturing has utilized this fully integrated assembly department to supply customers in a variety of markets including:

  • Office Furniture
  • Recreation & Leisure
  • USPS
  • Consumer Products
  • Defense
  • General Industrial