Star-Metal Manufacturing and Manufacturing serves a long and diverse list of industries and a customer base that includes small/local manufacturers, large/global suppliers, and everything in between. In order to meet the custom manufacturing challenges that inevitably arise with such a deep customer base, we leverage more than 50 years of experience to develop customized metal engineering and metal fabrication capabilities. The markets that we serve include:


Architectural / Artisan / Decorative


Working with Architects, Decorators, and Artists, we leverage over 50 years of metal fabrication experience to bring client concepts for hotels, restaurants, bars, corporations, residential, retail and outdoor spaces into metal reality.


Learn more about our decorative metal wall panels and screens, custom metal signs and artisan components such as bezels, gussets, display stands and frames, facias, furniture components, bar tops, lighting, shelving and bracketries at Star-Metal Manufacturing.


Commercial Lawn and Garden Equipment


Professional landscapers demand not only competitive prices but the highest degree of strength and durability in their equipment. From a simple metal stamping to a complex, ten-piece welded assembly, strength is the name of the game. Whenever possible, our involvement begins with exploring your unique needs; this way, Star-Metal Manufacturing is able to produce parts and assemblies that are not only durable and reliable but cost effective.


Food and Beverage

Food and beverage equipment parts span a wide range of diverse requirements. However, no matter the application, choosing a metal fabrication partner who understands the food and beverage industry is key. Star-Metal Manufacturing understands the food and beverage industry’s custom manufacturing needs—from choosing the right type of metal to assembly and finishing.

General Industrial


The general industrial market presents a different challenge and a new opportunity every day. Large parts or small, low volume or high, a range of materials…the possibilities are endless. Star-Metal Manufacturing addresses this range of applications with a highly experienced engineering staff and an ability to leverage the many core capabilities here in our facility.

Government and Defense


As a DoD supplier for many years, we supply the Army with metal stampings and welded assemblies for tanks, trucks, and transport vehicles. In addition to the Army, we have supplied the Navy with various components, from fully assembled, backlit clocks, to flat stampings that are fabricated into trash cans for use on submarines. Our Cage Code is 32935, DUNS 033926190 and our Quality system is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. We are a member of the local NDIA Chapter and Submarine Industrial Base Council.


As a full-service metal fabrication supplier for high precision, tight tolerance, laser cutting, metal stampings, and fabricated parts, we use state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous inspections to exceed the needs of leading diagnostic, medical and surgical device manufacturers. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures compliance to strict as-built records and traceability requirements.

Office Furniture


Star-Metal Manufacturing has significant experience supplying high-end office furniture manufacturers. As one would expect, cosmetic perfection is a primary concern for this industry. Again and again we rise to the challenge. By employing a custom manufacturing process that pays extraordinarily close attention to detail, and working closely with third-party finishing suppliers, Star-Metal Manufacturing exceeds even the most demanding finish specifications.

Recreation and Leisure


From marine controls to machetes, we supply a number of companies that manufacture products for the recreation and leisure industry. These products demand both a superior cosmetic finish and low price points in order to be competitive in the marketplace. In response, we work closely with finishers to meet cosmetic specs, engaging our customers to optimize manufacturability. The result? Products with flawless finishes and competitive prices.

Truck and Trailer


The truck and trailer market demands toughness and longevity in its products. We rely on our ability to produce heavy gauge metal stampings and consistent, high-quality welded assemblies—made possible by our heavy tonnage presses and robotic welding equipment—to satisfy even the strictest requirements.